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In SGUni thousands of planets are waiting for a leader.

· 27 units of the fleet of combat, more than 20 ground units (tanks, infantry, rolling machine) and defense (runs, guns, 12 types of rockets)
· Lots of technologies that allow you to develop and demonstrate throughout their empire
· Widely developed system of political and military alliance
· Many planets possible to takeover. Everything depends on you

Check your options and sign in to your account in the test SGUni!

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Case sensitive when you log on, keep this in mind!

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26.02.2013 08:45osioł

Each player gets free premium account +1 week as an apology for server crash.

Christmas gift

22.12.2011 13:20Sherkan

We wish you a merry christmas and happy new year.
All players get free +7 imperator.

SGUni huge update

21.09.2011 14:37Sherkan

Hello everyone,
We're planning huge update with new attractions in the game.
1. Quests - all players can do over 35 quests in the game. For each quest you can receive gifts.
2. More attractions in the game like: UFO every day, ancient fleet, greate space battle etc.
3. Ancient temple- if your commander die in the space battle. You can buy him back in the academy's ancient temple for minerals.
More information soon...

SGUni update

11.09.2011 13:47Sherkan

Small bug with scrap silo capacity over 1.000.000 has been fixed. You can full fill your scrapyard.

SGUni update

17.08.2011 21:45Sherkan

A small update has been uploaded.
1. We've decided to unclock all player's account which are at "leave" stage for over 3 weeks. So you can attack them at all.
2. In command center, you can see now all your support fleets, now matter which colony is selected.
3. You can send back friend's support fleet from your planets.
4. In spy reports, at the left upper corner is new button "Fleet". If you scan planet and click on this button, you'll be moved to fleet page. This button save scanned planet position and fill input field at the first step of attack page.
5. Scrapyard capacity has been increased 5x since lvl 15 to 20. Also price of building between 15-20lvl's is increased.

SGUni update

01.06.2011 19:10Sherkan

Please note, game rules has been changed.

Captcha bug fix

31.05.2011 22:05Sherkan

Captcha system was fixed by little update.

SGUni new security improvements

23.05.2011 18:17Sherkan

1. We've detected and banned a large number of cheaters in the game, so we have introduced a new "Anti boot" system.
From time to time while playing, the system will ask you to re-type a simple password, to confirm that you are a real game player, not a machine.
2. We changed the registration rules of the game. Now, each registration must be confirmed by the account activation link sent in email.
3. Statistics have corrected bug.
4. Chat capacity has been increased to 50 chat messages.

SGUni update

04.05.2011 21:35Sherkan

We've made some addons to the game statistics:
1. Top aggressor - each winning a battle, the player receives a point.
2. Top defender - for every battle, the defender receives a point.
3. Top picker - For each collected scrap metal, player receives a point.
You can find two more buttons, top fleet and top defender with separated information about enemy. Wait 4 hours for first reCalc points to see this information.

SGUni - Facebook and gifts

17.04.2011 16:20Sherkan

We've added a new option in SGUni promoting. Anyone who has an account on facebook, can receive 20 million of all type of minerals everyday by promoting SGUni! Want to know more? Login into the game and go to "Advertise SGUni"-> Facebook ...

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